A downloadable game for Windows and Android

You are back as BJ Blazkowicz in the good old arcade era. News of an imprisoned scientist sends you back to Castle Wolfenstein to rescue him and uncover a sinister plot unfolding in the depths of the walled terror.

Your enemies are not thrilled to see you, but boy, are you pleased to see them!

Revisit the good old Castle, except that this time, you are in arcade-style side-scrolling shooter mode. Sure you don't have the Operation Wolf-style rifle in front of you, but you have your mouse if you are playing on Windows, and you have your trusty fingers if you are playing on an Android device.

Download Operation Wolfenstein completely FREE of charge. There are no advertisements and no in-game purchases. The game's features are entirely available.

Install instructions

Note regarding Operation Wolfenstein for Android: You have to enable Unknown sources to allow the APK to install into your Android device.


Download Operation Wolfenstein for Android
Download Operation Wolfenstein for Windows

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